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New R.icielli‘s Collection is out! in this post i’ll show you only two of the new things that Vliet and Fhara have created! but…you will see more in the next posts!

At R.icielli‘s shop you will find everything, dresses, tops, jackets, coats, poses, belts, blouses, skirts…The paradise girls…the paradise! Awesome patterns inspired in Asia, Africa…and if you don’t really know how to combine them…also you have the same! but in plain tones! You’ll become mad over there!

In this pic i’m showing two of the new things:

  1. This vest called SCARLLET is just awesome for all the seasons! It comes in several colours (Beige / Cagan / Black / Chocco / Marino / Nude / Rose / Russet / Seagreen / Sky / White), with the option of wearing it in satin, and ofcourse it comes also with a resize script.
  2. This cute LONGTOP, it comes in several layers and colours (Babypink / Blue / Cafe / Black / Chilli / Cherry ….) so you could match it with everything! 🙂

As you remember, in the last post I showed you this awesome group gift hair from Maitreya…but this is not the only new thing that Onyx have created…I’m sure you’ve seen them all over this week in many blogs…yeppers! I’m talking about new Maitreya‘s boots! The Shearling Boots! They are awesome, aren’t they?

They come in 10 colors and there is also a fatpack option, with all 10 colors in one. As you can see in the pic, the straps, laces and metal are separately recolorable! Also Onyx created prim socks to wear with the boots, or witrhout them! As you can imagine they are also scripted and you can choose between with 3 foot options:

  1. Tip-Toe feet
  2. Flat feet
  3. Hidden feet (when worn with shoes)

You can get them in pack of 10 colours! or the Fatpack…30 colours!

I hope you liked todays post guys! now….Time for shopping! 🙂 Muah!!

What I’m wearing:

Hair: Lauren – Kala Jeera by Maitreya (Group Gift)

Skin: Eva (tone 4/br) 01a by Tuli

Shirt: LONGTOP /capuccino by R.icielli (NEW)

Vest: SCARLLET vest /chocco by R.icielli (NEW)

Belt: *Normal[MANDALA]Mikoto Belt/Brown(gold)female by Mandala

Jeans: Skinny Rolled #07 by Maitreya

Boots: Shearling Boots Smoke  by Maitreya

Cuff: Pratha silver cuff *amethyst* by Zaara

* Pose by R.icielli (NEW)


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