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If you want your creations to appear in our blog just send me a notecard and don’t forget to include the name of your store and the LM!!  :]
Women Fashion:
Klet Glas

*** I reserve the right to not blog/post items that I wouldn’t wear for my personal use.


  1. Maybe I publish only some of the items that you send me, or maybe I publish them in different posts. I reserve the right to not post items that I wouldn’t wear for my personal use and style.
  2. Sometimes I’m slow to post things that you send me. Sorry for the delay. I can not always publish everything so quickly!
  3. If you want me to publish information about one of your items, please send me a notecard with all the information related to that item(s).
  4. Feel free to contact to me through my blog or via NC (please dont send me an IM) and i will help you for sure.
Thanks to all who follow my blog!!
Klet Glas.

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