Looooong time no see! How are your holidays going? 🙂

Today i’m gonna bring you some FREES! yeppers….FREES! from Maitreya and Zaara 😀

As you can see at the pic the hair is from Maitreya, it comes in several colours such as: Almond / Autumn / Charcoal / Kala Jeera / Natural Blonde / Platinum

It comes with an scripted headband so you can choose between 14 colours if you want it to match with your clothes.

How about this awesome winter sweater? It comes in all layers so you can match it with other different clothes. Also it comes with sculpted sleeves and collar. As always it look so etnic but at the same time fashionable and cool. If you want to be warm….go and get it! 🙂

This two items are GROUP GIFTS so you need to join Maitreya‘s and Zaara‘s group.

What I’m wearing:

Hair: Lauren – Kala Jeera by Maitreya (Group Gift)

Skin: Eva (tone 4/br) 01a by Tuli

Piercing: Septum Ring – Captive Bead – Steel 6mm  14g : S by Aitui

Tongue: Twisted Tongues (upstraight) by -RC- (Right now main store is closed, but they are available on the marketplace.)

Sweater: Morena Sweater set (female) *red* by Zaara (Group Gift)

* Pose by R.icielli



The best way to introduce our new Blogger, for the MEN section.

Please IM Random Lighthouse if you want your items to appear in our blog 🙂

Okokok Let’s go with the Fashion Details:


Naduah is wearing:

Tatoo: In Sin We Trust – MyPinkieSkull

Jeans: 641 Black Folded Leg – Nardcotix

Hair: Raquel Swedish – Truth NEW

Shoes: Spangles Stiletto Heel Silver – COCO

Skin: Gina 06 – Tuli

Shape: Cameo Bodyshape – Twee

Eyes: Prototype Eyes – L Fauna


Random is wearing:

Tattoo: The Bombing at Pearl Harbor – Aitui

Ears: Stretched Ear (Type 2) – Aitui
Jeans: FreayedDenimShorts-Dark – Aoharu
Eye Chain: “Prison Eye”- Acide
Piercings: Deviant- AcideBracelets V1/V2- “Nightmare of Metal”- Acide
Hair: Hiroshi/ +Midnight – Buried
Skin: Hope.II :Tan #04 / V2 – Buried
Sandals: MenFas – Sey
Necklace: Dear”cross+AK47=black- Sey
Klet is wearing:
Hair:  Janelle – chocolate – Truth NEW

Skin: Audrey (tone 1/br/fr) :: 02 – Tuli
Makeup lips: Audrey t1 – dark 1 gloss – Tuli
Tattoo chest: Dire /fresh/ I – Aitui
Tattoo hip: Meadow’s Guns – Rockerswear
Piercing: Septum Ring – Captive Bead – Steel 6mm  14g : S Aitui
Belt: *Normal MikotoBelt/white(gold)female – Mandala NEW

Jeans: Grace Jeans – Chic – Armidi
Heels: Hana All Leathers – Seashell – Maitreya Gold NEW

This Amazing Poses are from GLITTERATI

Some CloseUp’s 🙂


Hair: Layla Streaked – ivory by Truth (NEW)

Skin: Eva (tone 4/li) 03b – []::Tuli::[]

Sweat: Sweat for hot days/ moments for Middle Tones by Luck INC (NEW)

Necklace: KAGETORA necklace/Blue/with shadow by Mandala

Bikini: Ibiza Bikini Black Retro by Luck INC (NEW)

Piercing: Septum Ring – Captive Bead – Steel 6mm  14g : S by Aitui

* Pose by Del May

La Mer

Baaaaaaackies!!! I’m back! the last few weeks i’ve been really busy…exams and those kinds of things but the best thing is that now i’m free again!

Muah!!! I missed you guys! 😛

Hair: Eloise – honey by Truth

Skin: Jade (tone 3/li) :: 05b by []::Tuli::[]

Tattoo: Dire /fresh/ by Aitui

Shirt: TankTop-withSunglasses(Gray) by  *COCO* (NEW)

Vest: ShortVest(StripeBlack) by  *COCO*

Belt: WideBelt_Beige by  *COCO*

Jeans: Stella Jeans ripped/gray  by [LeLutka] (NEW)

Handbag: MITU Bag/black by [LeLutka] (NEW)

Boots: ZipperBootie by  *COCO*


Fashion Details:

Skin: Gidget Skin (light brows) – Tres Blah

Bangles: Blangle Madness *silver/teall* – Urbanity

Shoes: Diagonal_05 – 2Real

Belt: High Waist Garden Dress Belt – Wasted Youth

Scarf: Ison Print Scarf (Abstract) – Wasted Youth

Hair: Riley Swedish – Truth

Earings: Iroha (Black) – Mandala

Piercing: Septum Ring Circular Barbell – Aitui

Watch: Calculator Watch – Reek

Zombiegotchi (pink) – Steam Zombie

Shirt: Birds Flock Tee – Wasted Youth

Trousers: Jean Shorts (silver) – Wasted Youth

Tatto: Lucky Basterd – Atomic

Leggins: Hustlah outfit pants – CheerNo

Wow that was quite a long one! Hope you like, i really had fun, creating this post 🙂

Lost in deathland….

“Hm…. is it here? This place looks… wierd…”

“Ops! Wrong Way”

“I’m not scared… I’m not scared”

Hair: !lamb. ghost – Powder – !lamb

Blazer: My Blazer – Milk Motion

Bag: My tote bag *reinder* (3poses) – Milk Motion

Skin: -tb- Gidget Skin (dark brows) – Tres Blah (NEW)

Glasses – Not a Nerd EyeGlass – Awesome Blossom (HUNT GIFT)

Pants Overall: Jeanimal (Giraffe) – U.F.O.

Piercing: Septum Ring – Aitui

Socks: Knee Sock Mit Suspenders – PIG

“Not the place I would have choose for a dinner…”