Fashion Details:

Hip Bag: FannyPack – Blossom Vines – Concrete Flowers

Boots: 8 Hole M Desert – Docs

Shirt: Harold’s Unisex Long Cardigan Mustard – NUT

Hair Accesory: Rose Headband – Happy Finds

Hair: Peyton Swedish – Truth

Bag: Birger bag/cutis – Lelutka

Belt: Michelle Belt NavajoWhiteBrown – Lelutka

Skin: Skin Bunny Honey – Atomic

Socks: Leather Band Suspenders – Picnic

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Yes Sir! Er.. Pig! Sir. Pig!!! Sir! Whatever…

Nad Right:

Hair: Hair Attachments 2 – Inaya

Dress: Nala Dress [circus] – Pacadi (Group Gift)

Shirt: Asymetry Bodysuit (Flowers) – Ohmai (free)

Gloves: Egg – Emery

Shoes: Gold Shanti – Maitreya

Skin: Marayah M1 lips 1 – Inaya

Nad Left:

Necklace: BirdMap Necklace – HappyFinds (Last Proyect Themeory)

Hair Complement: Rose Headband (grey) – Happy Finds (Last Proyect Themeory)

Hair: Boho Swedish – Truth

Skirt: Summertime – Sunny – Atomic

Shoes: Fringe Sweed Sneaker Yellow – Anexx

Bolero: Crop Shop Silver Sheer 1 – Cynful

Shirt: Bodysuit Sean Green – Maitreya (TDRB)

Socks: Knee Sock Mit Suspenders – Ocean Split – Pig

Skin: Gina 01 – Tuli (TDRB)


[secrets] set yourself on fire

[secret] romantic comedy

,.-Link to Don’t Freak Out-.,

*TDRB: The Dressing Room Blue


Fashion Details:

Skin: Gidget Skin (light brows) – Tres Blah

Bangles: Blangle Madness *silver/teall* – Urbanity

Shoes: Diagonal_05 – 2Real

Belt: High Waist Garden Dress Belt – Wasted Youth

Scarf: Ison Print Scarf (Abstract) – Wasted Youth

Hair: Riley Swedish – Truth

Earings: Iroha (Black) – Mandala

Piercing: Septum Ring Circular Barbell – Aitui

Watch: Calculator Watch – Reek

Zombiegotchi (pink) – Steam Zombie

Shirt: Birds Flock Tee – Wasted Youth

Trousers: Jean Shorts (silver) – Wasted Youth

Tatto: Lucky Basterd – Atomic

Leggins: Hustlah outfit pants – CheerNo

Wow that was quite a long one! Hope you like, i really had fun, creating this post 🙂

Mr. Conejo (Ñañañaña :P)

Nad Outfit:

Bandaid: Bandaids Lighting Left Leg – Reek

Jacket: Demin Jacket Light – BettiePage

Skin: Jade (tone 1/bl) 04C – TuliNEW

Hair: Found – Powder – !lamb NEW

Socks: Argyle Sock M. Susperder – Hortense – Pig

Shirt: Rachele Cropped Bustier CREAM Can 1 – Whippet and Buck

Skirt: Summertime – Sunny – ATOMIC

Shoes: FringeSweedSneaker Yellow Paisley – Anexx


Conejo’s Outfit:

O.o Naked o.O

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While walking on the street found two polaroid saved in plastic bags…

Guh… I’m so curious..

Who might be this girl?

Fashion Details:

Umbrella: Vinyl Umbrella (yelow) – CreamShop

Socks: Socks Orchid Club #Red – Emery

Gloves: Gloves #Egg – Emery

Dress: Evelyn Dress – Glam Affair (The Dressing Room) “really loving the textures of this dress”

Shoes: Maitreya Gold Allure Sock Red – Maitreya

Skin: Skin Grace Cream Raspberry 1 – Atomic

BrokeBack Girl

Cucu!! Guess who’s back!!!

I think I’m back… not really shure… I promisse to try to come up more often and bring you some nice clothes :). Here we go!!!!

Hat: WoolFeltFedora BeigeBrown – COCO

Belt: Horned Skull Belt (brown) – OoEas!

Skirt: Dnm Pants Skirt /dark – BettiePaige

Shirt: Shirt Brown – RedGrave

Boots: Short Western Boots Brown – GField

Hair – ME Light Platinium Blonde – 69

Skin: Hope (ivory) 0¡05 (PU) – Tuli

Tatto: Lucky Basterd (black) – Atomic

Lashes: Bedroom Lashes – Cake

Poses: All from: Chibi AO – Oracul