Freebie Hunter

Fashion Details:

Jacket: Used flower Cardigan Red – Kurotsubaki

Bag and Shotgun: Vooner (gatcha machine)

Glasses: Unisex Stunna Glasses Beige – Action

Boots: Far Boots Solid – Miel

Shirt: Black Dot Shirt – Jill

Palestina: Shawl / Blue – Buried

Skirt: Dnm Pants Skirt /dark – BettiePage

Leggins: Floral Leggins Print 1 – MV

Hair: Lourdes – Swedish – Truth

Skin: Silk girl Lan Olay 3 – DrLife


Mr. Conejo (Ñañañaña :P)

Nad Outfit:

Bandaid: Bandaids Lighting Left Leg – Reek

Jacket: Demin Jacket Light – BettiePage

Skin: Jade (tone 1/bl) 04C – TuliNEW

Hair: Found – Powder – !lamb NEW

Socks: Argyle Sock M. Susperder – Hortense – Pig

Shirt: Rachele Cropped Bustier CREAM Can 1 – Whippet and Buck

Skirt: Summertime – Sunny – ATOMIC

Shoes: FringeSweedSneaker Yellow Paisley – Anexx


Conejo’s Outfit:

O.o Naked o.O

You can get your own “Gmok the wise” at Herbalys

BrokeBack Girl

Cucu!! Guess who’s back!!!

I think I’m back… not really shure… I promisse to try to come up more often and bring you some nice clothes :). Here we go!!!!

Hat: WoolFeltFedora BeigeBrown – COCO

Belt: Horned Skull Belt (brown) – OoEas!

Skirt: Dnm Pants Skirt /dark – BettiePaige

Shirt: Shirt Brown – RedGrave

Boots: Short Western Boots Brown – GField

Hair – ME Light Platinium Blonde – 69

Skin: Hope (ivory) 0¡05 (PU) – Tuli

Tatto: Lucky Basterd (black) – Atomic

Lashes: Bedroom Lashes – Cake

Poses: All from: Chibi AO – Oracul