Hi there, Mr. Winter!



Hello everybody!


Looooong time I don’t post anything, and it’s because it’s hard for men to find good things out there, guys!

If you have any stuff you’d like me to post, just make me know!


 What I’m wearing:

Glasses: “Nerdify Me!” from [BURIED]

Skullcap: “Oversized Beanie / Umber” from .:Hermony:.

Piercings: “Prime piercing” from [twee.]

Coat: “Papercut Cardigan – Brown” from Reek

Shirt: “Classic Tee – Light Gray” from Reek

Jeans:  “FreayedDenimShorts-Dark” from Aoharu  

Socks: “Argyle Sock M. Suspender – William” from Pig

Boots: “Armarda/ Dark Choc” from *Kookie* 





Reek items comes with different layers.

Also, the shirt comes with awesome sculpties. Perfect if you want to wear it without a coat.

Glasses can be weared as showed, or in your mouth. They look yummy sometimes :]


I hope you like it! Stay warm!



ShoeFair: Kookie

Know what!? The ShoeFair is here!! Today I’m gonna bring you this awesome wedges that Kookie Lemon has released at the ShoeFair.

It includes the alpha version for the 2.0 viewer and a resize script.

I love this wedges specially because of the textures: The part of the heel it looks like leather but the rest of the shoe is fur. And…What can I say about those straps? Just perfect.

I’m just in love with them…the best thing is you can wear them with everything. They come in 3 neutral colors: Ash / Wash / Choc  (Neutral colours are great if you want to wear them in many outfits)

Soooo girls!! Go and buy thm! They worth it!

Kookie can be found on the Iridium sim at the fair. Time for Shopping!

What I’m wearing:

Hair: Tatiana – cherry by Truth

Skin: Audrey (tone 1/br) :: 02 by []::Tuli::[] (NEW)

Jacket: Camden Jacket * Sepia by Maitreya

Skirt: Loathed High-Waisted Mini by Kyoot (old item from the 50L Friday)

Tights: Tights 01: Nylon Black by *Sheer*

Wedges: Enya/ Ash by Kookie (NEW AT THE SHOEFAIR)

*Pose made by me


Nad: Sometimes Second Life, brings you really nice things. It got me a great friendship, Klet became something so important on my life (both RL and SL).

Sometimes it brings you funny times,  and sometimes, only if you are lucky enough, it can bring you love. Tomorrow is my day 🙂

On Nad:

Boots: Armada Boot – Kookie

Necklace: Birdmap Necklace – HappyFinds

Hair: Roxana Streaked Swedish – Truth (NEW RELEASE)

Tatoo: Like a Rolling Stone – TheHabitat

Dress: Couture Diane PettyCoat – aDiva

Lashes 1 (black): Diva – Alaskametro

Lashes 2 (white): Rhapsody – Glow

Socks: Leather Suspender Socks – Picnic

On Klet:

Hair: Tabatha – almond – Truth (NEW RELEASE)

Skin: Eva (tone 4/li) 03b – []::Tuli::[]

Dress: OneShoulderLaceDress(Beige) – *COCO*

Belt: WideWaistBelt_Brown – *COCO*

Sandals: NX-Nardcotix MANA Dezi Flat Sandal Canvas Black – Nardcotix (NEW RELEASE)

*Poses by Glitterati

Klet: Like Nad said…we’re like sisters, she’s my best friend and she’s so so so important on my life. She’s my big sis!!!

Tomorrow it’s her day!!! Everything will be okay Nad 🙂 I luv u…

My sides

Some of the most wierd things that happens to me in my RL and my SL is that people doesn’t seem to agree on their opinion of me…. I’ve heard so many times…

“You’re too simple” and a thousand more “You’re too complicated”…. I guess none of them really know me…Or maybe they all do…

Outfit 1 (Black)

Hair: Soma Powder – !Lamb

Skin: Bird Skin – Faded 5 (freckles) – Fhasionably Deadly

Necklace: Hannya Necklace/Black/Double – Mandala (I’m in love with this)

Leggins: Snake Pant Black – B-Bitch

Shoes: SpanglessStilettoHeel – COCO

Dress: Marta – Glam Affair

Mouth: SpecialBlend Cigarrete (Noir) – Hermony

Ring: Grinning Death Ring – Happy Finds

Glasses: Jackie O (black) – Glow

Outfit 2 (cream)

Skin: Bird Skin – Faded 5 (freckles) – Fhasionably Deadly

Hair Feathers: Hair Stuff (Kill the white Swan) – Fhasionably Deadly

Hair: Sunday Cream Filling – Fashionably Deadly

Leggins: Snake Pant Brown 1 – B-Bitch

Boots: Armada Boot Warmer – Kookie

Dress: Open buttoned Dress Camel – Linc

Bag: Pret a Porter Tote – Tres Blah

Blangles: Snake Bangle – AA

Glasses: Jackie O (creame) – Glow

He brought me flowers… :P

Dress: (PixelDolls) Etoille . Antique .Pants –PixelDolls (NEW)

Hat: *COCO*_WoolFeltFedora_BeigeBrown – *COCO*

Boots: *Kookie* Armada Boots Warmer /Neutral/ – *Kookie*

Necklace: .+*AA*+. Long Pearl Necklace Double – .+*AA*+.

Hair: Maitreya Nimue – Bistre – Maitreya

Jacket: No Strings Attached – Veschi (NEW)

Tights: Shiny Warm Olive – Veschi

Hand Flowers + Pose: Olive Juice – In Bloom 3 – Olive Juice