The Passenger

I am the passenger
I stay under glass
I look through my window so bright
I see the stars come out tonight
I see the bright and hollow sky
Over the city’s ripped backsides
And everything looks good tonight
Singing la la la la la.. lala la la, la la la la.. lala la la…

Hello guys! Do you know that Aoharu and Anexx hold 2011 SUMMER SALE??
All items are 50% OFF!! When this special sale will be finished, old stuff will be gone, so come on!! 😀

Today I made an Aoharu look, like I said before, all the items are 50% off. This leather jacket is awesome for a daily look, I love blouses they look so good, so I matched this leather jacket with this stripped blouse, the detail of the bowtie is awesome.

Shorts are right now a must! This shorts are also from Aoharu, you can find them in several colours and patterns!

One of my favourite accessories are this awesome garters of Linc, they will give you a special look. Here, I’m wearing the short ones 🙂

Oh! What about this heels? They are the new group gift of Maitreya! They are like The Shearling Boots (Click here to see the post again) but in pumps! Get them! they are an exclusive group gift!

What I’m Wearing:

Hair: BRIGITTE hair – Syrup by [LeLutka] (NEW)

Skin: RHEA mommamonster_DB/makeup1 by R.icielli (NEW)

MakeUp: Deep Roses Blush for Blondes by Miss Shippe’s Studio (NEW)

Leather Jacket: NoCollarLeatherJK_Brown by Aoharu (50% OFF)

Blouse: StripeBowtieBlouse_White by Aoharu (50% OFF)

Tailored Shorts: TailoredShortPants_Beige by Aoharu (50% OFF)

Bangle: Milky Way Bangle/white by Mandala (NEW)

Garters: Garter Nylons Short Brown by Linc

Pumps: Treaders – Exclusive Groupgift ‘Rosewood’ by Maitreya (NEW group gift)

* Poses by R.icielli



Let’s continue with the new collection of R.icielli. Like the other day I’m going to show you two different outfits for two different situations! There we go! 🙂

The other day I showed this R.icielli bodysuit in green! Like I said you can get this bodysuit in 6 different colours with the same flower pattern. Visit R.icielli main store.

Also I’m wearing this Chino trousers of Maitreya! You can get them in different colours to match your style! Visit Maitreya main store.

I’m in love with this platform heels from Baiastice! You know that this heels come in two different sizes, normal and slim (for smaller avatars), but are also resizable via script for perfect fiting. They are awesome!  Visit Baiastice main store!

What I’m Wearing:

Hair: Zaria – sahara by Truth (NEW)

Skin: Zoe / sunkissed :: 03 Discotheque by Tuli

MakeUp Lips:  Zoe / sunkissed / lips :: Magenta by Tuli

Bodysuit: LILY bodysuit/6 by R.icielli (NEW)

Chinos: Acer Chino Dark-Grey by Maitreya (NEW)

Earrings: BRIGITTE earrings /quartz  by R.icielli (NEW)

Bag: THE MESSENGER bag /chrome by R.icielli (NEW)

Heels: Maxine Platform-fuchsia pyton by Baiastice (NEW)

* Pose by R.icielli

For an informal look you can this cute mini skirt from R.icielli, it is avariable in 8 colours and different patterns. Run an get them! :]

I love this handbag! also from R.icielli, they are avariable in more than 12 colours! Lovely for every situation!

What I’m Wearing:

Hair: Zaria – chocolate by Truth (NEW)

Skin: Zoe / sunkissed :: 05 Vogue by Tuli

Shirt: Tanktop Eggplant Sheer by Linc

Skirt: JENNY miniskirt/j by R.icielli (NEW)

Earrings: BRIGITTE earrings /amethyst by R.icielli (NEW)

Bag: THE MESSENGER bag /maroon by R.icielli (NEW)

Sandals: MANA Dezi Flat Sandal Canvas Black by Nardcotix

* Pose by R.icielli

It’s time for shopping! 🙂

Who doesn’t love hair?

Who doesn’t love hair?, originally uploaded by Klet Glas.

Truth – Zaria / Jordan

Truth has two new hairstyles out!! They are awesome, my favourite one is Zaria!

Zaria comes in 2 versions and also with 63 streak options, and Jordan only comes in 1 version but like Zaria it has 63 streak options.

Truth is just getting better and better!

What I’m Wearing:

Hair:  Zaria – dawn // Jordan – dawn by Truth (NEW)

Skin: Zoe / sunkissed :: 06 Brass // Zoe / sunkissed :: 05 Vogue by Tuli

Earrings: D KABUKI earring in silver phoenix // C KABUKI earring in silver phoenix by Mandala (NEW)

Shirt: Tanktop Khaki Sheer by Linc


Hellooooooooooo!!! I’m back but only because I’m on holidays (only for a few days and my internet is not crap). I’m soooo busy, I can’t log into SL and post everything :/

I miss you guys…cya in a few days! I’ll be back :p I promise!

What I’m Wearing:

Hair: LOHAN hair – WalnutWhip by [LeLutka]

Skin:  Zoe / sunkissed :: 01 Bare by Tuli

MakeUp: Zoe / sunkissed / lips :: Terra by Tuli

Blouse: LOURDES bouse /maroon by R.icielli

High Skirt: Diigii High Skirt Long Nude  by Linc


Hello again guys! Today i’m going to bring you [Plastik] exclusive Christmas clothes and skins 🙂

Aikea Reiko made aprox. 70 clothing designs with Christmas patterns (dresses, leggings, gloves, tops, shirts, etc…) and a gorgeous skin line with festive make ups!

What are you waing for? It’s Christmas time!!

  1. Christmas ’10-Courtesan-Punk Christmas by [Plastik]
  2. Christmas ’10-Courtesan-Like a Tree by [Plastik]
  3. Christmas ’10-Bordello-Company Party by [Plastik]
  4. Friday-Prim-Cutesy Christmas by [Plastik]

Lovely make ups!! They come in several skin tones: Elven / Legend / Fable / Story / Mith / Saga …

The Elven Candycane Pack (the one i’m wearing) comes with one skin, pair of eyes (texture & prim eyes) and elf ears (with the same skin tone).

  1. LionHeart-Elven-Candycane-24 Carat by [Plastik]
  2. LionHeart-Elven-Candycane-Cult by [Plastik]
  3. LionHeart-Elven-Candycane-Evel by [Plastik]
  4. LionHeart-Elven-Candycane-Freck by [Plastik]
  5. LionHeart-Elven-Candycane-HollyBlooms by [Plastik]
  6. LionHeart-Elven-Candycane-HollyJolly by [Plastik]
  7. LionHeart-Elven-Candycane-Ice Queen by [Plastik]
  8. LionHeart-Elven-Candycane-Plain by [Plastik]
  9. LionHeart-Elven-Candycane-Shade by [Plastik]

What I’m Wearing (1st pic):

Hair: Say – Brown 10 by [elikatira]

Skin: LionHeart-Elven-Candycane-Plain by [Plastik]

Shirt: TomboyTee-Poinsettia by [Plastik]

Corset: Lust Corset Black by Linc

Pants: Studded Leather- Pants by <TheAbyss>

Earrings: TAKAYAMA earring/Female/silver by Mandala


Hair: Kelsey – chocolate by Truth

Skin: Eva (tone 4/bl) 01a by Tuli

Bra: Il Giorna – Black by Armidi

Shirt: Tanktop Khaki Sheer by Linc

Coat: *COCO*_ModsCoat(Black) by  *COCO*

Pants: F_Distressed_Leather_Pants by <TheAbyss>

Boots: F_SlowRider [Option_3] by <TheAbyss>

Hello again!! I’m so so busy and I can’t log on a lot…but i’m still here!

I hope you like it! 🙂