Today I want to show you Ricielli and Celoe new collections!

R.icielli released this elegant bodysuit in several colours, you can’t find it at R.icielli mainstore. You can wear it with everything, it’s so classy! I decided to wear it with this awesome mesh trousers from Celoe. I’m in love with mesh clothes.

I’m so sorry for not blogging, I’m so busy in RL but I try to do my best! Thank you for being there! :]

What I’m Wearing:

Hair: BRIGITTE hair – Syrup by [LeLutka]

Skin: Zoe / sunkissed :: 05 Vogue by Tuli

Eyes: Aquilius Eyes – Bethy Brown (Special Edition #2) by Aphotic Gloom (Filter in marketplace: Newest to Old)

Bodysuit: PIETRA bodysuit /smoke 4 by R.icielli (NEW)

Trousers: Lolong.trousers.makara. by Celoe (NEW)

Heels: Aequus Champagne by Maitreya


The Passenger

I am the passenger
I stay under glass
I look through my window so bright
I see the stars come out tonight
I see the bright and hollow sky
Over the city’s ripped backsides
And everything looks good tonight
Singing la la la la la.. lala la la, la la la la.. lala la la…

Hello guys! Do you know that Aoharu and Anexx hold 2011 SUMMER SALE??
All items are 50% OFF!! When this special sale will be finished, old stuff will be gone, so come on!! 😀

Today I made an Aoharu look, like I said before, all the items are 50% off. This leather jacket is awesome for a daily look, I love blouses they look so good, so I matched this leather jacket with this stripped blouse, the detail of the bowtie is awesome.

Shorts are right now a must! This shorts are also from Aoharu, you can find them in several colours and patterns!

One of my favourite accessories are this awesome garters of Linc, they will give you a special look. Here, I’m wearing the short ones 🙂

Oh! What about this heels? They are the new group gift of Maitreya! They are like The Shearling Boots (Click here to see the post again) but in pumps! Get them! they are an exclusive group gift!

What I’m Wearing:

Hair: BRIGITTE hair – Syrup by [LeLutka] (NEW)

Skin: RHEA mommamonster_DB/makeup1 by R.icielli (NEW)

MakeUp: Deep Roses Blush for Blondes by Miss Shippe’s Studio (NEW)

Leather Jacket: NoCollarLeatherJK_Brown by Aoharu (50% OFF)

Blouse: StripeBowtieBlouse_White by Aoharu (50% OFF)

Tailored Shorts: TailoredShortPants_Beige by Aoharu (50% OFF)

Bangle: Milky Way Bangle/white by Mandala (NEW)

Garters: Garter Nylons Short Brown by Linc

Pumps: Treaders – Exclusive Groupgift ‘Rosewood’ by Maitreya (NEW group gift)

* Poses by R.icielli


Let’s continue with the new collection of R.icielli. Like the other day I’m going to show you two different outfits for two different situations! There we go! 🙂

The other day I showed this R.icielli bodysuit in green! Like I said you can get this bodysuit in 6 different colours with the same flower pattern. Visit R.icielli main store.

Also I’m wearing this Chino trousers of Maitreya! You can get them in different colours to match your style! Visit Maitreya main store.

I’m in love with this platform heels from Baiastice! You know that this heels come in two different sizes, normal and slim (for smaller avatars), but are also resizable via script for perfect fiting. They are awesome!  Visit Baiastice main store!

What I’m Wearing:

Hair: Zaria – sahara by Truth (NEW)

Skin: Zoe / sunkissed :: 03 Discotheque by Tuli

MakeUp Lips:  Zoe / sunkissed / lips :: Magenta by Tuli

Bodysuit: LILY bodysuit/6 by R.icielli (NEW)

Chinos: Acer Chino Dark-Grey by Maitreya (NEW)

Earrings: BRIGITTE earrings /quartz  by R.icielli (NEW)

Bag: THE MESSENGER bag /chrome by R.icielli (NEW)

Heels: Maxine Platform-fuchsia pyton by Baiastice (NEW)

* Pose by R.icielli

For an informal look you can this cute mini skirt from R.icielli, it is avariable in 8 colours and different patterns. Run an get them! :]

I love this handbag! also from R.icielli, they are avariable in more than 12 colours! Lovely for every situation!

What I’m Wearing:

Hair: Zaria – chocolate by Truth (NEW)

Skin: Zoe / sunkissed :: 05 Vogue by Tuli

Shirt: Tanktop Eggplant Sheer by Linc

Skirt: JENNY miniskirt/j by R.icielli (NEW)

Earrings: BRIGITTE earrings /amethyst by R.icielli (NEW)

Bag: THE MESSENGER bag /maroon by R.icielli (NEW)

Sandals: MANA Dezi Flat Sandal Canvas Black by Nardcotix

* Pose by R.icielli

It’s time for shopping! 🙂

One Hundred!!!

Yay! We published 100 posts! Thanks to all who follow my blog!! Thanks for all those visits, for all the coments! Thanks to all the designers who believe in Ladybugs & Chocolate! Thank you, thank you! :]

Today i’m with Janire :] she’s the owner of Oh La La , you should visit her main store!!! :] She’s just awesome!

What Janire is Wearing:

Hair: MEGAN Hair – Blondefun by [LeLutka]

Skin: Emilia Pale Skin by [Cheerno Femme]

Dress: Sun of a Gun – Vintage Doll – Peach by Grixdale

Jewelry: Pearls & Lace Jewellery Set – Natural Ivory by *League*

HeadPiece: World’s End Garden by Le lis blanc du Roi

Heels: Move Pumps – Pearl by [elikatira]

What I’m Wearing:

Hair: Zaria – macaroon by Truth

Skin: Zoe / sunkissed :: 05 Vogue by Tuli

Blouse: Gathered Frills Blouse ~ Cream by {mon tissu}

Skirt: Scattered Birds Skirt ~ Blue by {mon tissu}

Earrings: BRIGITTE earrings /aquamarine by R.icielli

Heels: Maitreya Gold – Esprit Pearl by Maitreya

* Pose by R.icielli

Oh…and, Happy B-day for me :]

Feeling Blue

Hello guys! In this post i’m going to show you again new things from R.icielli! yeppers!

You know that a few weeks ago R.icielli created a new collection, okay, today i’m going to show you the MATTORI poncho! you can find it in plain colours and also with different patterns! What do you think about it? Everybody shoud have it!

The one I’m wearing it’s with a zebra print but you can find it with an inspired spring pattern and more! Visit R.icielli and be amazed! 🙂

Also today I want to show you this awesome sandals from…..ADDiCTIA! yeppers METRO sandals! this is a new creation of Oct Oyen! you can find them in ADDiCTIA main store.

You can wear them with everything and as you can see, it has a cute heel! What can we say about the gems? Purrrrrfect! 😀

They come in Black / Silver & Turquoise and also you can customize them with painted toenails and tattoos plug-ins!

One of the most important things about this sandals is the HUD, it’s very intuitive, with an awesome interface and ofcourse…it’s very very easy to match them with your skin!



You know what?! It’s time for shopping!

What I’m Wearing:

Hair: Jolie – espresso by Truth

Skin: Eva (tone 4/br) 01a by Tuli

Shirt: LONGTOP /tan by R.icielli (NEW)

Poncho: MATTORI II poncho /#zebra3 by R.icielli (NEW)

Leggings: M * A * ii * K * I Long Legging Black by Maitreya

Belt: Saicho Belt Black circle y Mandala

Sandals: METRO Sandals – Black v1.0 – SL2.0+ by ADDiCTIA (NEW)


At home

New R.icielli‘s Collection is out! in this post i’ll show you only two of the new things that Vliet and Fhara have created! but…you will see more in the next posts!

At R.icielli‘s shop you will find everything, dresses, tops, jackets, coats, poses, belts, blouses, skirts…The paradise girls…the paradise! Awesome patterns inspired in Asia, Africa…and if you don’t really know how to combine them…also you have the same! but in plain tones! You’ll become mad over there!

In this pic i’m showing two of the new things:

  1. This vest called SCARLLET is just awesome for all the seasons! It comes in several colours (Beige / Cagan / Black / Chocco / Marino / Nude / Rose / Russet / Seagreen / Sky / White), with the option of wearing it in satin, and ofcourse it comes also with a resize script.
  2. This cute LONGTOP, it comes in several layers and colours (Babypink / Blue / Cafe / Black / Chilli / Cherry ….) so you could match it with everything! 🙂

As you remember, in the last post I showed you this awesome group gift hair from Maitreya…but this is not the only new thing that Onyx have created…I’m sure you’ve seen them all over this week in many blogs…yeppers! I’m talking about new Maitreya‘s boots! The Shearling Boots! They are awesome, aren’t they?

They come in 10 colors and there is also a fatpack option, with all 10 colors in one. As you can see in the pic, the straps, laces and metal are separately recolorable! Also Onyx created prim socks to wear with the boots, or witrhout them! As you can imagine they are also scripted and you can choose between with 3 foot options:

  1. Tip-Toe feet
  2. Flat feet
  3. Hidden feet (when worn with shoes)

You can get them in pack of 10 colours! or the Fatpack…30 colours!

I hope you liked todays post guys! now….Time for shopping! 🙂 Muah!!

What I’m wearing:

Hair: Lauren – Kala Jeera by Maitreya (Group Gift)

Skin: Eva (tone 4/br) 01a by Tuli

Shirt: LONGTOP /capuccino by R.icielli (NEW)

Vest: SCARLLET vest /chocco by R.icielli (NEW)

Belt: *Normal[MANDALA]Mikoto Belt/Brown(gold)female by Mandala

Jeans: Skinny Rolled #07 by Maitreya

Boots: Shearling Boots Smoke  by Maitreya

Cuff: Pratha silver cuff *amethyst* by Zaara

* Pose by R.icielli (NEW)


Looooong time no see! How are your holidays going? 🙂

Today i’m gonna bring you some FREES! yeppers….FREES! from Maitreya and Zaara 😀

As you can see at the pic the hair is from Maitreya, it comes in several colours such as: Almond / Autumn / Charcoal / Kala Jeera / Natural Blonde / Platinum

It comes with an scripted headband so you can choose between 14 colours if you want it to match with your clothes.

How about this awesome winter sweater? It comes in all layers so you can match it with other different clothes. Also it comes with sculpted sleeves and collar. As always it look so etnic but at the same time fashionable and cool. If you want to be warm….go and get it! 🙂

This two items are GROUP GIFTS so you need to join Maitreya‘s and Zaara‘s group.

What I’m wearing:

Hair: Lauren – Kala Jeera by Maitreya (Group Gift)

Skin: Eva (tone 4/br) 01a by Tuli

Piercing: Septum Ring – Captive Bead – Steel 6mm  14g : S by Aitui

Tongue: Twisted Tongues (upstraight) by -RC- (Right now main store is closed, but they are available on the marketplace.)

Sweater: Morena Sweater set (female) *red* by Zaara (Group Gift)

* Pose by R.icielli